Nick Hams

Tattoo Artist


Tattooing since 2007, Nick was born and raised on the Canadian border in the small working class town of Warroad, MN. Nick carries with him a blue-collar, down to earth, and honest attitude toward tattooing.  He strives to make every tattoo the best he possibly can whether it be large, small, color, or black and grey. Every tattoo is as important as the next. Nick began drawing tattoo style imagery at a young age, after being exposed to the few tattooed people in his small hometown. It became an obsession that never went away. As soon as he got into grade school he quickly began drawing tattoos on the local kids on a daily basis. When he finally got his first tattoo while in high school, it sealed the deal. He quickly began figuring out a way to get into an apprenticeship. He landed his apprenticeship through a stroke of luck from a tattoo artist who grew up in the same hometown and had since moved to the city. His passion for tattoos and tattooing has only gotten stronger through the years and he looks forward to working with your ideas to make your tattoo experience the best possible.