Jerred Kincaid

Tattoo Artist


Jerred started drawing at an early age and realized it was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Throughout middle school and high school he drew as much as possible everyday. When Jerred entered college for both Advertising Art and Design and Architectural Drafting he figured he was covering both bases for what he could do with his art. Soon after graduation, he began working for a local architectural firm but quickly realized it wasn’t what he wanted to do. After leaving the firm, his friend Jeff offered him an apprenticeship at his tattoo shop. Jerred worked at the shop for 50 hours a week for little to no pay just so that he could understand what was going on in the tattoo industry and how to take it on. After his apprenticeship, he was offered a job at another local shop working for one of his idols. Under the guidance of his mentor, Jerred learned to hone in on small details in order to advance his techniques and skills. Since then, he has worked for a few local shops where he has continued learning from his peers and furthering his knowledge. After 20 years in the business Jerred knows that he would never want to do anything else.